• Wholesale VoIP

    Wholesale Voip
    Wholesale VoIP & ISDN Replacement Services
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  • Call Centre Termination

    Call Centre Termination
    Reliable Termination services for high volume dialling
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  • HLR

    HLR Services
    Validate call data & enhance dialler efficiency
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  • Leased Line

    Leased Lines
    Reliable Internet access with guaranteed speeds
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FAQ & Help

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer to your questions, please Contact Us

I’m having trouble logging into my account

Please follow the link https://clientportal.m3st.co.uk , enter your email and select Forgot your Password link. This will send an automated password reset email to you.

I need help configuring client’s dialler set up

Whilst M3ST are experienced in wholesale VoIp provision, we are not experts in dialler set ups.
We are happy to provide whatever assistance we can to help and screen shots and error codes are very useful, however we would recommend speaking to your individual dialler vendor in the first instance.

Account has deactivated – low balance?

When your credit has run out the account will automatically deactivate. You’ll need to make a payment to reactivate the account and to allow live calls. To make a payment, log into the Client Portal and select the Payment Tab on the left hand side of the Portal home page.

I need to add a new IP address to my account

If you need to add a new IP address to your account, please use the Authenticated IPs tab in the Client Portal, which will send us the request.

Once this has been actioned you will receive a confirmation email and away you go.

I made a bank transfer but it’s not showing on portal

We recommend allowing up to 72 hours for Bank transfers payments to show in your account.
If you need to make an instant account payment you can do so by selecting to pay with a credit or debit card, or by paying through PayPal.

Dialling Issues

In order to investigate quickly and efficiently, it’s really helpful for you to provide as much detail as possible.
To assist us with diagnosing the problem, please include:

  • The number dialled
  • The time it was dialled
  • The return code
  • The trace route of the call
Please add this information onto all support tickets, along with a summary of the issue.
Reported issues should be sent to: [email protected]