• Wholesale VoIP

    Wholesale Voip
    Wholesale VoIP & ISDN Replacement Services
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  • Contact Centre Termination

    Contact Centre Termination
    Reliable Termination services for high volume dialling
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  • HLR

    HLR Services
    Validate call data & enhance dialler efficiency
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  • Leased Line

    Leased Lines
    Reliable Internet access with guaranteed speeds
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Wholesale VoIP

M3ST Ltd offer superior wholesale VoIP and telephony services that support CLI Presentation and offer full DTMF capabilities.

Call Centre Termination

Call Centre Termination: We specialise in providing termination services for contacts centres, large sales floors and BPOs


Our HLR mobile number validation services enhance dialler efficiency by ensuring that records are contactable.

Leased Lines

M3ST’s Leased Line services will provide you with dedicated, reliable access to the internet and guaranteed upload and download speeds.

Welcome To M3ST

M3ST Ltd is a leading provider of telecoms and wholesale VoIP services.
Our services include Wholesale VoIP, Call Centre Termination, HLR and Leased Line.

M3ST have developed a purpose built platform specifically for VoIP traffic. Built with architecture featuring N+1 redundancy and hosted from multiple Tier 4 datacentres, our infrastructure provides resilience and reliability that is unrivalled in the industry.

Interconnections are maintained solely with Tier 1 carriers to safeguard the quality and stability of routes, ensuring that services are never compromised.

Whether you’re a high volume contact centre, Reseller or BPO, Contact Us to see how our services can benefit your business.